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Uyuni - Three Days

Day 1

- Leave Uyuni at 10:30 am. (Comfy tour 9:30 Am)

(Those heading to Chile are recommended to get their passports stamped here in Uyuni. 21bs immigration charge)

- Next we head north 23 kilometers to Colchani. Colchani is a village that lives off the Salt production on the Salar. We will see how they mine and process the salt with their rustic instruments and tools.

- From Colchani we will drive West into the great Salar de Uyuni. Stopping at the Salt Mounts where the locals dry the salt before they process it. Next we will drive into the blinding whiteness of the Salar another 15 minutes when we will stop at the Salt Hotel. Here we will visit the interesting architecture. The Salt Hotel remains as a museum for visitors. (They expect that you purchase something inside in exchange for looking around) It is illegal to lodge here, condemned a few years ago due to environmental violations.

- Then we will drive out the the Isla Incahuasi. This is the official visitors island on the Salar. (30bs entrance fee) Here we have time to break for lunch (provided) and hike around one of Bolivia´s most amazing sites. The surreal island surrounded by a sea of salt is home to huge cacti, some over 1000 years old. As well as a stranded colony of Vischachas (hopping rabbits kin to the chinchilla family).

- After a bit of hiking on the Isla, it´s time to head South off the Salar to Bella Vista where we will spend the first night. Dormitory beds. Each room has a private bath for the group and it´s worth a little hike around the village to get a view of the Salar and the old pueblo that use to serve as a mining town. Dinner (provided).

Day 2

- 8 am breakfast and back in the jeeps. Now we will head south venturing into the desert expedition part of our adventure. Passing through the towns of San Juan and Chiguana military post we will enter the desert of Siloli. Here we will see the Arbol de Piedra ( Rock Tree formation), amazing erosions and surreal scenery. Then we will pass by and the lagunas (tiny lakes) with their different colors: Hedionda, Chiar Kota and Ramaditas. Lunch (Provided ) by one of the lagunas. From here we will venture into the Reserva de Eduardo Avaroa.( 150 bs entrance fee ) This is when we will arrive at the lodge near the edge of the Laguna Colorada. This afternoon you will have free time to hike a bit around the Red lake and take pictures of thousands of Flamingos. (James, Andean and Chilean variety)

- Dinner (Provided) and sleep tight. The generator is on for 2 hours at night.

Day 3LagunaColorada

- Up and at em! 5am wake up call. Leave Laguna Colorada early to make it to the first stop which is Sol de Manana. Here we will see the geisers at full strength (thanks to the early cold morning air!) A stop at the bubbling fumorols is like visiting another planet.

-Next stop is the Hot springs (breakfast provided) a quick dip in these natural bath will warm you soul and recharge your inner batteries.

- From the Laguna Challviri hot springs we will drive towards the Laguna Verde passing through the surreal desert of Salvador Dali. (wild rock formations on the left!) Arriving at Laguna Verde before 10am we will be able to see the volcano Lincacabur guarding the laguna.

- Next stop is the border transfer for those heading to Chile. Bolivian companies cannot enter Chile and vice versa so there is a swop at the border near Laguna Verde.

- From Laguna Verde we head back towards Uyuni. Those wishing for a 4 day journey will spend the night in Villa Mar in a rustic lodge and return to Uyuni leisurely on day 4. Those wishing to do it all in 3 days will come back to Uyuni via San Cristobal and arrive approximately at 6pm.

- You have chosen our 3 or 4 day tour of the Salar de Uyuni, and the surrounding landscape. The trip is a truly magical experience that allows you to explore the strange and encapsulating landscape of southern Bolivia.

- The price of the tours is 100$.

- Included 3 meals a day (excluding breakfast day 1, and dinner on the last day).

- Transport in a Toyota Landcruiser for the 1000 kilometer journey.

Ferroviaria avenue between Arce street number 17.- Cell phone/WhatsApp: +591 72418032 E-mail: - Uyuni - Bolivia