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Uyuni - One Day

1. Depart from the ofice for the Train Cemetery 10:30 am.

-The train cemetery is just outside Uyuni (approx 2 kilometers), and it´s great for photos, especially interesting with a clear blue sky or in Black and White. Estimated visit of 25 minutes.

2. Colchani (salt processing village)recorrido

-23 kms from Uyuni, it´s here that the local families process the salt by drying, grounding and adding iodine. Also a great place for a souveneir, maybe a salt Lama?

3. Montones de Sal (Salt Mounds)


-This is where we first stop on the Salar itself. Locals scrape the salt into mounds in the first drying period. Then they are shoveled into antique trucks back to Colchani for processing.

4. Ojos del Salar (Eyes of Water)

-Water bubbles up to the surface of the salt, very rich in minerals.

5. Inkawasi Island (quechua for inca´s house)

-This stunning island in the middle of the white sea is home to tall cacti, some over a 1000 years old! We stop here for lunch (Provided) and time to explore the island and take photos of the amazing 360 degree views of the Salar from the top of the island. Entrance is 30 bs, this includes use of the toilet.

6. Hotel de Sal (Salt Hotel) for the sunset.

-A hotel made entirely from salt, and a great place to have a drink and watch the sky flower into deep rich colors. The hotel now remains as a museum for visitor, and they expect you to purchase something inside (like snacks, etc) in exchange for looking around. ( the toilet costs 5 bs here!)

7. Return to Uyuni.

- The price of the tour is 40$.

- Included lunch in fish island.

Ferroviaria avenue between Arce street number 17.- Cell phone/WhatsApp: +591 72418032 E-mail: - Uyuni - Bolivia